Our Story

Hello there!

I created Heart Towels for couples who want to add more romance into their lives. Being intimate with the one you love is a bonding experience, but let's face it, after awhile things can become stale or lose it's appeal. This is why it is important to find ways to keep the romance in your life.

Heart Towels are fun to use in the bedroom and they are even better at the beach or poolside where you can show it off! It is an attention-getter and there is room for two, so you can sit on a Heart Towel and enjoy a lunch while spending a day at the beach.

I wanted to give couples something they can use to spice up their romance and offer some practicality to the ladies, who get stuck with all the extra laundry - which is definitely another reason why you should buy  a set of Heart Towels!

                            Try a set of Heart Towels for Yourself - Go Ahead!  Enjoy!

                                        `LIFE IS SHORT!  LOVE MORE! 

 NOTE: Heart Towels are not your average bath towel. It is made and EMBROIDERED in the USA. Because my products do not come from China or Timbuck-Two, they do cost a little more. Also, remember these towels are HUGE! They are 34" X 67" . You are getting quality towels that will last for many years and you will actually have fun using my Heart Towels again and again. They make great gifts. When you consider the exceptional quality, the plushness, and the large size, you will realize the great value you are getting.